Welcome to MARS Rocketry!

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Things are DIFFERENT!  And UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  The website has moved to a WordPress format.  Easier to update, maintain and operate.  Currently we are working on FUNCTION and CONTENT, pictures and fashion will follow.  The menu above is functional.

Important MARS news and events:
Winter meetings!  Next winter meeting is March 12, at RIT.  Please see the schedule page for meeting times and location.  Hope to see you there!  

MARS Rocketry is a family friendly rocketry group that flies at the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group airfield in Geneseo, NY.   Our launches host club members and guests flying rockets ranging in size from A powered Estes rockets to M powered monsters. MARS is a National Association of Rocketry (NAR) sanctioned club and all MARS launch activities are governed by the NAR safety code.  If you wish to fly High Power with MARS you must be a NAR or Tripoli member and be prepared to show proof of insurance and certification level.
Spectators are welcome and there is NO CHARGE for spectators.  The Geneseo field is easy to find and is just a few miles from I-390. Bring the kids and plan to spend at least a few hours. Performance Hobbies will be in attendance at our launches- maybe you can re-kindle a past interest in rocketry!  Buy a kit and come back to fly it at our next launch!